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Apps for Revit and AutoCAD

As BIM specialist we understand that good cooperation in a BIM project is essential. Get successful by working together. Therefore we developed relevant BIM solutions called Apps next to our Trimble software suite specifically for MEP engineers and contractors.

Apps developed in close cooperation with manufacturers and engineers to make sure they are of added value.

Why? Because Apps offer an easy to use interface directly in the heart of the designing and product ordering process. Linked to CRM and ERP systems, content selected by MEP engineers and contractors from within the App can be put on the materials list and be ordered in real-time. Think for instance on Apps working as product configurators in Revit.

What is in it for you as an engineer?

Engineers and contractors get their hands on tooling to make their live easier and to get more productive working in Revit and AutoCAD. Getting access to unique BIM objects from manufacturers to be used directly in their project environment.

What is in it for you as a manufacturer?

Building Product Manufacturers get the opportunity to reach engineers in new markets globally by building their own App in cooperation with the developers and product managers of MEPcontent.

We help manufacturers transform from a data provider to a content provider. Content in combination with Apps results in transactions.

From Data to Content to Transaction.