Design, Configure and Place content with Apps for MEP Engineers and Contractors


  • Apps / plugins / addins / extensions for Revit and for AutoCAD
  • Easily design mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems in 3D
  • Manufacturer specific Apps
  • Product line placer Apps combining multiple manufacturers


  • Productivity Apps for a better and faster Revit experience
  • To do things you cannot do in plain Revit
  • Get access to manufacturer content specifically made for MEP engineers
  • For designers and modelers working on impressive BIM projects 

Stabiplan Productivity Tools

Connecting, rotating, and reconnecting Revit families in MEP systems just got much easier! Designed in a user-friendly manner, the App provides productivity support for managing MEP systems at high speed, such as ventilation, sprinkler, cable ducts, heating and cooling, and sanitary systems.

Whether you want to connect a fitting to a pipe, rotate entire systems in 3D without leaving your current view, or reconnect a disconnected saddle to a pipe, you can now save considerable time by eliminating the redundant steps imposed by the native Revit commands.

Download a free trial now and experiment with the variety of tools offered by this App – you might be surprised how fast and efficient you can work in Revit!

Stabiplan Openings for MEP

Take control over your MEP openings in Revit thanks to this App which facilitates an optimal cooperation with structural engineers so that you can detect and prevent clashes in BIM projects at an early stage. You can now generate openings with increased accuracy on places where MEP elements (like ducts or pipes) are clashing with structural elements (like walls, floors or ceilings) – even when working with linked models. Communicate in real time: simply send an opening request to the structural engineer, get a response file back and load it directly into your model to have the most up-to-date status for each opening.

Stabiplan Electrical Schematics

Improve the speed of your electrical design with the Stabiplan Electrical Schematics App for Revit. You can create electrical schematics for your Revit electrical systems by simply selecting the available main panel(s) in your project. Choose from different schematics that are made available to you. With one click, a separate drafting view will be automatically created for each Revit system, containing a comprehensive scheme with the most relevant info – helping you in having a clear overview of your electrical system. Visit the full App page for pricing info OR try the App one week for free!

Stabiplan Export and Import Excel

Have you run into the issue of not being able to extract data easily from your Revit model? Or to make small adjustments for several elements without spending hours doing so? Combine the functionalities of Revit and Excel with this powerful App. Download this add-in to export data from your Revit project to Excel, modify the data or add information to your elements and then import the data back again in Revit. Save time by adding or updating data for multiple elements at once which you cannot do in Revit. You decide from which elements you want to export which data and which elements have to be changed during the import of updated data.

MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves

Placing valves gets much easier with the new MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Valves app available for Revit. Easily filter on technical properties, select and place valves in your Revit project and work directly with localized and up-to-date manufacturer specific products.

Visit the full App page for pricing info OR try the App for free!

MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Piping

Design piping systems with accurate and localized manufacturer-specific content with the MEPcontent Product Line Placer for Piping App for Revit.

Gain valuable time thanks to the autorouting functionality: the right fittings are automatically added to your system as you draw. Also, the App introduces a brand-new way of drawing flexible pipes in Revit, with special bends that allow you to draw in every direction!

But there’s more within this powerful App: complex nodes are not an issue anymore! You can make advanced connections within a matter of seconds, by simply selecting the node(s) you would like to solve.

Use the in-app predefined schedules and order your items directly from the material lists with a guaranteed up-to-date content.

Visit the full App page for pricing info OR try the App for free!

MEPcontent Browser

With the MEPcontent Browser it's easy to find manufacturer specific and generic 3D content in the largest BIM library for MEP engineers. Browse MEPcontent without leaving your project in Autodesk® Revit® or Autodesk® AutoCAD® and place content directly into your project. After installation, you can open the browser from the MEPcontent (Revit) or Plug-ins (AutoCAD) ribbon. You can directly place the products into your model.

POLOPLAST Product Line Placer

Design POLOPLAST sanitary systems in no-time using the free MEPcontent POLOPLAST Product Line Placer App for Revit. All the correct POLOPLAST bends, tees, reducers and couplings are drawn automatically with autorouting functionality.

The optimizer functionality allows you to define the kind of solution you want for different scenarios and with a single click, your entire system is instantly optimized!

Download the free App now and start working with localized and up-to-date POLOPLAST products!

Ostendorf Product Line Placer

You can now quickly and easily design Ostendorf sanitary systems in Revit with this free App. Setting up a complete system is done very fast due to the autorouting App functionality. This means that bends, tees, reducers and couplings will be placed automatically while drawing.

The optimizer functionality allows you to define the kind of solution you want for different scenarios and with a single click, your entire system is instantly optimized! The App grants you immediate access to localized and up-to-date Ostendorf products.

Download the free App now and start saving time designing Ostendorf systems!

ABB Switch Range Configurator

With the ABB Switch Range Configurator app for Revit it is very easy to design, manage and configure complete sets of switch ranges to match your requirements, even for the largest BIM and MEP projects. Including junction boxes to see how the switch ranges fit into their environment.

Mitsubishi Electric System Designer

The Mitsubishi Electric System Designer App for Revit and AutoCAD is the perfect choice to efficiently design air conditioning systems.

Gain access to localized and up-to-date content, and make use of the advanced searching and filtering options to find the right equipment in a matter of seconds. All directly from within your project environment.

Download this free App now and find the Mitsubishi Electric Revit families and CAD files for your BIM projects!

Rexel Wholesaler Connector

Ordering directly from your BIM project is now possible with the new Rexel Wholesaler Connector app for Revit. Get direct insight into current price and stock information of the articles in your model. Even better, thanks to the user-friendly export functionality you can place your entire list of items directly in the shopping cart on the Rexel shop. Make your workflow BIM ready!

Save time and download the App today.

SANHA Product Line Placer

Drawing SANHA piping systems gets much easier with the SANHA Product Line Placer app for Revit. With the in-app auto routing and nodesolver functionality, drawing piping systems is fast and easy: the right fittings are added to your system automatically. Only work with pipes and bends that actually exist and are completely compatible.

Henco Product Line Placer

You can now draw Henco piping systems fast and easy! You no longer have to place every component in your system individually. While you draw, the auto routing and nodesolver functionalities of this App for Revit will automatically add the correct Henco specific fittings to your system.

Download the app for free and make sure you always work with the latest Henco product information!

Stabiplan Openings Manager for Structural Engineers

BIM means collaboration and this App is specifically designed for it. As a structural engineer, you can now easily communicate with the MEP engineer and your contractors about openings.

You can easily approve or decline openings from requests, create voids with the correct dimensions in your architectural or structural model based on your approval and send a response file back to the MEP engineer with the current status of the requests. Manage openings at high speed in collaboration with the MEP engineer!

Start by downloading the App for free!